Attacked by a Drive-By Fake Antivirus

So last week I was browsing the internet watching some videos and I was moving from website to website, similar to the YouTube effect once you end up watching one before you know it you’ve spent hours jumping from video to video, well I was doing the same but on some massive video directory site that combines both YouTube and all the other decent video websites, and some smaller ones, I was minding my own business on a recently setup laptop, that I had not installed antivirus on, but I was browsing using Firefox so I thought I was miles safer because I’ve never had a drive by download since I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox all those years ago.

So I proceeded to click a video that looked interesting, very well built website, clean, nice logo, play button awaits me, I click it, next thing you know the “Flash Update Available” appears and before I can click Upgrade or Cancel CMD windows appear, progress bars, a new “Shield” icon appears in my taskbar and I lose control of all my windows and icons, task manager is disabled and im prompted with a screen saying “Your Computer is Infected” you may be wondering is this my antivirus, but no it was none I had installed, it was a “Fake Antivirus” it’s a virus itself trying to extort credit card details from me, I immediately cut the power to my laptop and booted into safe mode, were I was still unable to do anything from safe mode as the virus was still there, I was stuck, I couldn’t run any antivirus products or install anything as the fake antivirus was telling me I had viruses (I didn’t, only itself!) and that I needed to give them my credit card details to register the product to remove them… After a bit of Googling I found out about this fake antivirus and someone had provided a serial key to register it, I entered the serial key and it removed itself, but my computer was still infected, I immediately re-installed Malwarebytes and ran a full scan were it found about 10 viruses still on my system, I removed them but my systems performance still wasn’t working and I saw the fake antivirus was still running in my process task list.

None of my antivirus products were detecting this fake antivirus, this means it was what we call a zero day virus, just released so nothing been detected (there’s an article on this website about zero days) so I was attacked by a drive-by zero day virus, the deadliest combination, in the end I had to run UnHackMe and manually remove the startup entries for the virus before I could even install any other antiviruses, I don’t recommend anyone use UnHackMe unless you are a computer technician as you have the ability to mess up your system more than any virus can with it.

I had finally removed the fake antivirus and now had to clean up the mess it made, mostly changing my background back to what it was, and resetting the default file opener for file extensions, so a few seconds had cost me hours in fixing my computer, I should have just installed some anti-virus on my new laptop and I’m ashamed to say I run an antivirus site yet I neglected to install any anti-virus myself on my new laptop that arrived a day or two before, so if you think a virus will never get you as your using Firefox, it doesn’t matter they can always exploit your system using Flash and other third party software, don’t take the risk make sure you install Antivirus, my system is now protected with Avira and Malwarebytes. For all round protection though I suggest Kaspersky.

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