BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 offers a one stop solution for the PC users who are looking for a reliable and powerful security suite. It has a nice user friendly interface that is customizable. The best part about this software is that its Active Virus Control system which employs proactive measures to monitor application activities. Apart from that it has its heuristic capabilities to take on undetected threats. It has won certifications from several industry leading Third-party labs including ICSA. BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 leaves system performance unaffected and it will be liked by the multitasking users. The installation is quite simple and it does not take a lot of time either.

The software does not trigger system reboots after downloading updates. The software has three interfaces for various types of users.  The unique secure gamer mode of BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011hides annoying pop up and messages from flashing on the screen. The laptop mode is a nifty feature that allows the laptop users to carry on using their laptops for longer hours. The software does not ask the users for inputs frequently and most of the tasks are run in the background. Their Live chat option is also worth mentioning. Overall it offers all latest security features in a tidy sleek interface.

It is true that Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 is among the top system security suites but in overall analysis BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 finishes a few notches ahead of it. For instance BitDefender offers comprehensive online protection features. Kaspersky’s web shield features are decent but not on par with BitDefender. It also lacks a dedicated mode for laptops. As far as suite installation goes BitDefender fares a tad better than the rival. It takes less time than Kaspersky to complete the setup and its tech support options are a little better as well.

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