Dangers of Wireless Networks

The dangers of wireless networking are the result of a wireless router allowing unrestricted outside and outdoor entry. Any unsecured router makes a network vulnerable to any number of attacks as well as unauthorized usage. Wireless computers like the iPhone as well as laptop computers and desktop computers using Wi-Fi connections; emit electromagnetic radiation that is similar to microwaves, or radio waves. This radiation encodes the data being transmitted between sender and receiver. Wireless computing is subject to surveillance by third parties, and there is some question as to how extended exposure to radiation affects biological tissue. Furthermore, mobile wireless computing can be distracting and has been linked to vehicular collisions.

The entire premise of wireless communication is based on the principle that data is being freely transferred across the airwaves; it makes it possible for the data to be compromised. Wireless technology is a huge convenience. There are still many wireless users who are uneducated on wireless security or choose to simply leave their networks wide open. Most of us are fully aware of this danger; the sad fact is that fortunately, many options exist for securing our networks for those of us who choose to do so. There lot reasons of wireless network danger. Frist of all is hacking. Hacking is a major danger of wireless PC or laptop computer comes from hackers. Web usage from coffee shops, banks, visa office, airports, or even the wireless network you set up in your home can be snooped upon by another person with a basic knowledge of computer security. Hackers can use your personal information for example, bank’s password, address, bank balance credit card and debit card information to perform identity theft, one of the major computer crimes of at this time. Second one is Radiation. Wireless DSL signals emit pulse signals of electromagnetic radiation at 2.2 GHz. Radiation can damage cells and nervous systems. Wi-Fi-enabled laptop computers have a radiation level three times that of a cellular tower is become higher closer to the wireless transmitter. Health risks include migraine headaches. Thirdly, primary objective is capturing your private data, such as credit card information, through a fake wireless network that you can mistake for being a safe Wi-Fi hotspot network. Fourthly, WEP technology is a common way of securing a wireless Internet connection. The use of a user name and a password will increase your safety. WEP technology stands accused of not meeting web security standards. WEP technology is prone to the malicious activity of anyone who can intercept a transmission as a means of eluding the technology.

Maintaining an insecure wireless connection for your neighbors to share may seem like a benevolent idea. The effort may win you some friends. The act of kindness can also cause unwanted attention and Finally Hackers are malicious in nature. They can perform illegal activities while making it appear as though the activity is coming from an IP address attributed to an unsecured network.  We use the internet forever changed with the development of wireless technology.

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