Do you really need Antivirus Software?

Computers are now depending of careers and sometimes the keepers of private dates. Viruses are not a low risk potential threat; they are a certainty which makes computer virus protection a necessity not a caprice. The point is you can pay for antivirus software programs, or you should go with one of the free ones. If the only consideration is money but still money is not an issue, then it is best to choose a paid antivirus package but only after you make an antivirus software review of the features, and actual costs. Of course, when money is an issue then the free solution may be the only option. The question itself can only have one answer, yes.


An antivirus software review takes into account several factors, which would eventually help you make a decision. The first and most important factor is the operating system. Window is the most commonly encountered systems, but they are not equally vulnerable to viruses. It is a well-known fact that Windows is the preferred target of viruses.

It is people who use computers and not the other way around. It is not the operating system which clicks all links on the Internet but you, the user behind the screen. And yes, your decision of whether or not you should get paid antivirus software very much depends on your navigating habits. If you work safely, then sometimes even a free version is enough. You must also be aware that if you are in the habit of not practicing computer safety, no antivirus in the world can possibly guarantee full protection.

As you have noticed, this is a decision that involves several factors. What you should not forget is the fact that you would probably understand the necessity of an antivirus system only after you have been subjected to an attack, and you have tried to recover your files in vain. Free or not, antivirus software can protect your computer, to a certain extent. Nowadays, you can easily make sure that you actually buy what you need by testing all kinds of free home editions and so on. Although it is a way that vendors promote their products, it is also an effective solution to buy the right product.

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