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How to Install VIPRE AntivirusWelcome, this is your guide to everything Vipre! This short synopsis will inform you on how to successfully manage your new product in the areas of Installation, Updating and Uninstallation.

First off we’re going to look at Installation of the program. Assuming you already have the .exe, or install program, to hand (This can be procured through the aforementioned means on this site and can be seen in the above image) you’re going to want to start with a standard double-click. This will activate the .exe and begin the installation process. For the majority of users an informative pop-up will appear reminiscent of that in the image, you will want to click ‘Run’.

Installing VIPRE AntivirusNow the Installation is ready to begin in full. Simply click ‘Next’ at this prompt.

At the next box you have the opportunity to look through the company’s License Agreement; this is not crucial but you can do so if you wish. Once finished, tick the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” box by clicking it. You can now click ‘Next’ to move on.

Vipre will now ask you where you wish to install the program (The default directory in C:\ is already selected). You can change the location by clicking ‘Change…’ and using windows explorer to find the directory you’d prefer. If you don’t want to make any changes simply leave the field as it is and click ‘Next’

VIPRE Antivirus Install DirectoryVipre will now give you the option to enable/ disable certain aspects of the install. The options are listed with tick-boxes, simply select or deselect options by clicking the tick-box. When you’re done choosing, click ‘Next’.

The installer is now ready to start. Click ‘Install’ here.

Now you can sit-back as the installer does its thing. This may take a while depending on your computer.

Finally, you’ll hopefully be offered a confirmation box informing you that the installation was successful. You can now select ‘Finish’ to finalize the installation.

Once this is done the program will ask for your permission to restart the computer. Close/ save all open programs and documents and then click ‘Yes’ to complete the uninstall. If you wish to restart later simply select the “No” option. uninstall will be applied when you next power off your machine.

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