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This tutorial will explain and show you on how to Uninstall Ad-Aware if it’s no longer desired on your computer. There are many reasons why you would want to Uninstall Ad-Aware but its a simple process that we will explain. If you’re uninstalling Ad-Aware because the price is to expensive for you then think again as it may not be if you apply the Ad-Aware Coupon. To initiate uninstallation of the program you’ll need to first go to ‘Start’, this is the small button in the lower-left corner of the screen that can appear simply as a Windows logo for some versions of Windows.

Now, in the right-hand bar in the pop-up that appears select ‘Control Panel’.

Now, you want to click “Add or Remove Programs”. The icon for this is typically a disc beside and open box. For some users a ‘Catagorical’ view of the Control Panel will appear. The path of action here is identical, simply select “Add or Remove programs” from the options. You will now see a list of all programs/ software installed on your computer. Don’t worry if it’s quite a bit longer than ours, it differs between machines. You want to find the designated program, in this case “Ad-Aware” and select the ‘Remove’ button that appears when you click said program.

Uninstall Ad-Aware

A window will then appear similar to the image. Simply click ‘Uninstall’ to begin.

Now you can sit back and let the program run its course. The box will show you the status of the uninstall as it happens. This may take a while depending on your computer.

Uninstalling Ad-AwareWe’re sorry you’ve had to uninstall Ad-Aware Pro from your computer, to complete the Ad-Aware uninstall please proceed to restart your system to make sure everything has been successfully removed, this is common on Windows Installations. If you uninstalled to upgrade you product to the full version then why not grab yourself a saving through use of our Ad-Aware Coupon.

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