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The anti-virus programs are the most important & valuable products in today’s life as the use of internet is growing rapidly and for that matter the viral attack is also becoming a regular problem, so each & every people are very much concerned about using the best quality anti-virus. It is a very tough job to compare the two most popular & best anti-viruses, as both of them performed their job in protecting the PC wonderfully. While making the comparisons with Norton & VIPRE we came to the fact that VIPRE beats Norton in almost every category as VIPRE is very advance in its spyware protection as well as different procedures of virus removal.

They sometimes similar with each other in the field of web protection sometimes Norton beats VIPRE in its all over web protection task. The most significant quality of VIPRE is that it is the lightest anti-virus software available in the market, and it gives highest technical support. In most of the fields VIPRE beats Norton as it is easy to install & gives a secured protection to the PC. During the comparison it could be said that while the scanning process proceeds VIPRE identifies all the threats swiftly present during the scanning process.

By an independent test it is achieved that Norton is unable to trace as many spyware as it is expected to trace. The anti spyware protection is downloaded within a few minutes after the installation process, further testing showed that sometimes Norton skips or becomes unable to identify potential spyware altogether. So finally we can see that VIPRE is more effective in removing viruses as well as detecting spywares. Due to its lightest weight it is easy to use for the users and it is 100% effective in detecting threats & removing viruses. So we can come to the fact that VIPRE is the Deserving winner compared to Norton.

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