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Virus and malware threats are the worst danger for any system. To fight against such threats, very strong and technically very sound software is required. Popular with former name Panda Software, computer security software which was founded in 1990 is one such software which has been providing security to computer systems since its origin. Its founder was the former CEO of Panda, Mikel Urizarbarrena. The city of its origin was Bilbao, Spain. Panda provides virus and spyware protection to both, enterprises as well as home based users.

Panda uses cloud to spot the market opportunity. In November 2009 it unveiled its first ever Cloud-Based Security Services for home based users. It also introduced SMBs in the market in the same year.  TruPrevent, its patent technology is a bunch of proactive capabilities which target the unknown viruses and trespassers in home as well as corporate computers. Panda also introduced its collective intelligence security model in 2007, which used grid computing to detect malware.  Not only had this, Panda security, in 2009, partnered with Web of Trust to defend the computer systems against virus and malware threats.    Panda is the only software company which provides free antivirus security softwares for a particular period of time so that users can have a demonstration of the software.

Panda also provides security tools for home based and corporate users with the help of WiFi intrusions which is a special feature of this software, rare to be found in other antivirus software’s. The main and a very crucial advantage of this software is that it automatically scans, detects and classifies threats which is done manually by other software companies like ESET. When it comes to speed and efficiency, Panda is much more capable then all the other software’s

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