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The problem with today’s world is that there are ever changing constant threats to our computer systems, from the normal citizen getting viruses that destroy everything, to senators getting there e-mail leaked because they had a weak password, and then to state vs state cyber warfare such as Iran and there nuclear program, the world is a very different place since computers and networks have taken over and become in use in most systems throughout the world, I sometimes have to ask myself do all these computers help improve how we do things or are they more hassle than they’re worth, you spend more time fixing them than actually using them on most occasions unless you have your own IT team or support in your business, the simple solution to this is to install an antivirus of your own when you first get your computer, or if you haven’t done that then now is the next best time to install antivirus  (Like the saying the next best time to plant a tree is today!)

Dangers of an ever developing cyber world

When the first few viruses came out there was mass hysteria and people were worried once a trend was started and viruses were spreading (mostly by floppy disk!) although most were very simple programs often designed just to give the virus creator “street cred” online they soon evolved into more dangerous viruses ones that can crash your computer, steal your private data, communicate with command and control servers and launch DDoS attacks against any website the virus creator wants, this means your computer can become a soldier in an army of computers used to attack and knock a website offline – this was done a year ago on an attack on Visa’s website and it knocked off payment systems and they lost millions in revenue, this is why if you’re a normal computer user you want to ensure you don’t become involved in attacking sites such as Vista – because chances are you didn’t consent to it and yet it’ll still be your fault when the police come knocking on your door, to save the hassle of all this we recommend you install Antivirus such as VIPRE Antivirus – it’s an excellent product with all the tools to help protect you from threats.

Download and Install VIPRE to protect yourself today

When you first download VIPRE it will go through a painless easy installation process and then get up and running, once VIPRE is running an icon will appear in the notification area bottom right of your taskbar, it will have a few main aspects of protection (depending on version) first real-time protection, email protection and web protection when all 3 of these are used in conjunction with each other it makes your computer a small fortress of protection stopping unwanted viruses and threats from ever getting into your computer in the first place, this is the ultimate way to ensure your computer stays clean and protected from all types of viruses.

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