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If you’ve not seen VIPRE Antiviruses latest promo campaign video then you can see it on YouTube by Clicking Here. We were alerted to it when someone from VIPRE’s marketing team on YouTube linked us to the video. It’s a great video and VIPRE Antivirus really does do what it says, it wont slow your computer, laptop or home server it’s one of the fastest antivirus solutions on the market today. If you’ve ever used or are using an antivirus product such as Norton Antivirus you have more than likely noticed how slow your computer always is, and if you run Vista even more so, this is because Norton is more bloatware than antivirus, there trying to scare you into buying and the software just produces popup upon popup warning you of non-existant threats.

VIPRE Antivirus 2012 is the solution, its fast, meaning it doesn’t slow your own computer down so you can concntrate on what you like using the computer for, rather than spending your time fixing problems and removing viruses as VIPRE Antivirus will ensure you are protected against threats.

If you want to save 15% on VIPRE Antivirus use our VIPRE Coupon Code VIPRE15 or VIPRE10

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