Up to 25% of online users get infected by fake antivirus software

A recent survey that involved over nine thousand web users from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Germany showed that fake antiviruses are one of the biggest threats users face making up for almost 25% of web threats, the study was conducted by Harris Interactive, the survey showed that the fake antivirus software programs often were presented as a popup on a website warning the computer user that the computer was “Infected” and showed a fake antivirus scanner, these popups were often sent to users through spammy e-mails or infected websites, the main sources of these fake e-mails pretended to be from a site admin, or bank.

Once the fake antivirus software was installed it then infected the computer, disabling important functions like task manger, hiding documents, changing the background of the computer and then constantly prompting saying there was numerous infections and then when you click remove it wants you to fill in credit card details asking for payment, this is when cyber criminals meet virus makers, in no such event should any user hand over there credit card details to a fake antivirus it will often be charged over and over without consent.

Users feel confident and protected when they have installed antivirus software but not all software is up the task of protecting from this type of zero-day attack, we recommend VIPRE Antivirus Premium to protect your computer from all types of threats including fake antivirus and phising e-mails, 18% of users in the study struggled to determine between authentic emails and fake e-mails this is very alarming but if you have proper protection such as VIPRE then you needn’t worry – you can save 15% on VIPRE using our VIPRE Promotional Code this can be applied for both the premium and antivirus version of the software.

The biggest issue with the rise in fake antivirus software is that new devices such as smart phones including android as security researchers worry these will now be targeted, but rest assured if you use the right protection on your computer then you are protected against the majority of threats especially with your business and important documents and pictures.

The rise of fake antiviruses is because cyber criminals have caught on to what a lucrative market it is, they get the money from people buying the fake antivirus uninstaller and they also will get further kickbacks when they buy a TV and laptop using your stolen credit card details – don’t let yourself become a victim to this protect yourself using the best solution available VIPRE Antivirus or VIPRE Antivirus Premium, it will protect your email from these fake scams, prevent any fake antivirus downloads before the infection can spread and infect your computer.

If you do ever get infected by a fake antivirus take your computer to get repaired, or use Malwarebytes to remove it if you didn’t have VIPRE installed at the time, remember prevention is better than cure so use VIPRE to protect your system.

More Info – http://security.cbronline.com/news/around-24-of-online-users-encounter-fake-antivirus-software-210612

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