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Get VIPRE Antivirus 2013 and VIPRE Internet Security 2013 and protect your computer systems with award winning super fast antivirus protection, we’ve teamed up with the team at GFI to provide you with VIPRE Antivirus Coupon’s that can help you save 15%-40% on the award winning protection from VIPRE Antivirus, the latest version of VIPRE is VIPRE 2013 this has many enhancements over the previous versions such as faster performance, better detection rates, improves GUI and general improvements, get the fastest and most up to date antivirus to date get VIPRE.

This year has seen a lot of new VIPRE features, and awards won by VIPRE – Get the best protection available for your computers choose VIPRE.

New VIPRE Antivirus 2013

VIPRE Antivirus 2013: Out With the Old And In With the New

VIPRE Antivirus 2013 has been enhanced with important new features to improve its performance and provide your computer with an even higher standard of security, enabling it to remain protected at a time when antivirus programs are in abundance. If you have always struggled to install anti-virus programs, you will find VIPRE’s new Easy Install function a breeze to use.

When you install VIPRE, any previously installed security software is detected and automatically removed to prevent your computer from becoming slow and suffering from frequent crashes. If you would prefer to uninstall unwanted anti-virus programs yourself, you are granted the chance to uninstall them manually. If your computer is running Windows 8, you will find VIPRE Antivirus 2013 to be fully compatible with this operating system. Once you have installed VIPRE, it is easy to update.

The new Manage VIPRE Update panel displays essential information relating to VIPRE and the threat definitions that it is using. Important alerts only appear when it is completely necessary, meaning that you receive fewer distractions. VIPRE’s Anti-Rootkit Technology, which detects and removes the most stubborn of malware, has been re-designed and Rapid Scan (previously known as Fast Second Scan) is now set as default when you run scans yourself or schedule your computer to run scans at a time convenient to you. VIPRE 2013 is also equipped with an improved user interface.

The interface has been given an all-new appearance and features new icons, colours and graphics, which together serve to modernise the look of VIPRE. Exploring the user interface is simpler than ever before. The Settings dialog box has been re-designed, additional menu options have been added, the links to technical support have been improved and the shortcut keys can be used to make commonly used functions more easily accessible.

VIPRE Antivirus FeaturesSome of VIPRE’s features in 2013

  • Certified Antivirus Protection – Both versions of VIPRE come with Certified Antivirus protection, you know you’re getting real protection as VIPRE has been awarded numerous times by accredited companies.
  • Anti-Spyware Protection – Protect yourself from snoopers, VIPRE will stop cyber crooks stealing your personal e-mail, bank accounts, and generally snooping on you, most other antivirus products charge this as an extra, VIPRE doesn’t.
  • 24/7 Active Protection – Realtime protection and monitoring as you use your computer, VIPRE works continually in the background scanning and protecting against all types of threats ensuring your computer stays clean from spyware, viruses and malware without slowing your system down.
  • Remote Device Scanning – One of the biggest sources of infection on shared computers are infections from devices such as iPods, USB pen drives as a virus can install itself on one and then every time someone plugs it into a computer it infects that, stop it right in its tracks with VIPRE – VIPRE will scan any new devices to ensure they are safe and clean.
  • Intelligent Firewall – The intelligent firewall on the Internet Security product is smarter than your normal one, it knows what should connect to the internet such as updates but stops any unknown and unauthorized attempts to either access in our out your computer.
  • Anti-Spam – If you use Outlook or Thunderbird on your computer and are fed up with spam e-mails using VIPRE Internet Security will protect against spam e-mails ensuring your inbox is clean.
  • Malicious Website Protection – If your computer tries to access a known virus spreading website or malicious website that could damage your system VIPRE will apply the brakes and stop you from accessing the site protecting your system from unauthorized access and infections.
  • Special Discounts – You can save a small fortune on VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Internet Security by using our promotional VIPRE Coupon Code’s these can let you save money on VIPRE Antivirus 2012 and 2013, not many other antivirus vendors offer these unique discounts so it means you can enjoy savings by using a VIPRE Antivirus Coupon Code.

VIPRE Antivirus Coupon Code

Protect your PC with VIPRE Antivirus

Prevention is always better than cure, especially in the case of virus and malware infections on your computer if you fail to protect your system before you get an infection it can seriously damage your system files, and spyware can steal your confidential data such as your bank details, credit card information and personal documents – A virus or spyware can be compared to the modern way of breaking into your house a virus is someone who breaks in and ruins everything, and a spyware is a modern day spy that bug’s your house and reads all your confidential data unfortunately doing all of this using a computer is much easier for cyber criminals to do and it means they don’t need to leave the comfort of their own house to rob your bank accounts.

Protect yourself for less with our VIPRE Antivirus Coupon

Cybercrime is on the rise and the only way to protect yourself is to use a product such as VIPRE Antivirus or VIPRE Internet Security the protection they offer are unparalled by other antivirus products simply because of the excellent detection of threats and other features such as Web, E-mail and Remote Device scanning these all make VIPRE a bulletproof solution to protect your computer before a virus or criminal can break in. Choose VIPRE today and start protecting you from threats.

  • Antispyware Protection.
  • Malware Protection.
  • Realtime Protection.
  • Intelligent Firewall.
  • VIPRE Coupons Available.
  • Rootkit Protection.
  • Malicious Website Protection.
  • Protection against boot sector viruses.
  • Protection against spyware.

These are just some of the protection features of VIPRE that make it award winning. We recommend you see for yourself the protection in action and give VIPRE a test drive.

VIPRE will protect your system immediately from the second the computer starts and the astonishing thing that has amazed so many product reviewers and computer magazines is the fact it doesn’t slow the computer down the major problem with the alternative antivirus products is they seriously slow the computer down making it sluggish and unresponsive VIRPE doesn’t, and the fact VIPRE starts when you’re computer does means dangerous infections such as boot-sector viruses and rootkits are detected and removed easily when most other products don’t detect it and if they do require you do use a special CD to remove these types of infections.

Improve your Protection – Try VIPRE Antivirus

VIPRE are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with their product they have a completely zero risk money back guarantee for over thirty days, if you’re unhappy for any reason simply tell them and they’ll refund you, no questions asked. VIPRE stand by their own product and have invested millions in research and protection for the antivirus market.

Try VIPRE antivirus today using a VIPRE Antivirus Coupon and save 15% to 25% on your order complete with 30 day money back guarantee check our Twitter and Facebook too for the latest offers on VIPRE products and latest VIPRE Coupon Codes.


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