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VIPRE Antivirus brings to you a unique combination of antimalware and antispyware along with a number of attractive features. VIPRE or Virus Intrusion Prevention Remediation Engine is quite new in this field, and thus brings with it all the new technologies from the next generation that will leave you with a smile and satisfaction. It comes with a 30 day money back offer and also other amazing characteristics like the fact that you get an unlimited license at home, which covers all your computers at home. Even if you have 10 PC’s in your home, it gives license for all of them! Be it PC’s, notebooks or laptops, it is licensed for all at a discount using VIPRE Antivirus Coupon Code. This is why it is deemed to be a very practical choice for those families who have multiple computers at home.

It is generally recommended that you do not keep the Active protection on a HIGH level, as this may result in continuous warnings and disallow options. It may become irritating at times. It is advised to keep it on a lower level. VIPRE is very effective especially when you are downloading a file, as it does not decrease download speed. It follows a two-way checking process which does not make you complain at the lowering of speed like in other antivirus software.

Even though both McAfee and VIPRE are in the same price range but VIPRE with its latest technologies is much more user-friendly. Unlike McAfee, VIPRE facilitates one click scans and also personalized virus scans. It has many tutorials and also a toll free phone help so as to make it easier to work with. It has a very friendly interface. VIPRE also provides more extensive protection, with Firewall, Keyloggers, Malware and phishing protection.

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