VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange has been designed to provide e-mail security against all the continually arriving waves of spam, viruses, malware, zero-day attacks, spyware and phishing users are subjected to.

This software features a future-proof, third generation architecture of plug-ins, complete with SMART filtering for attachments. The dedicated, powerful image-spam engine ads an extra protection layer for the detection of spam embedded in images within e-mails.

Up to now, it has often been necessary to use a selection of separate programs to protect a system against spam, phishing, disclaimers, viruses and other malware. Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange includes all the necessary applications to deal with daily threats of any kind in one simple, easy to use application.

Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange is a policy-based, third generation email security framework providing system administrators with a user-friendly weapon to implement and enforce polices for email security strictly and effectively.

The Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange is a new and highly advanced framework that integrates perfectly and smoothly with Exchange without draining resources. It can practically be run on any given Exchange server. The utilized code is perfectly optimized for low disk access resources and CPU usage.

Sunbelt is a Microsoft Developer with Gold Certification and the advanced Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange code has been developed in constant co-operation and consultation with Microsoft. Being able to use a single product that deals with all the necessary protection on an exchange server vastly improves reliability.

Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange provides several layers of security for the management, inspection and cleansing of messages. Using multiple scanning engines to deal with viruses and spam, the software integrates other security rules for messaging.

All necessary treatment of messages will occur at server level, as opposed to at end-user’s workstations. This means that no additional client software is needed, while all modules interact perfectly. Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange is the most powerful combination of ‘all-in-one’ and ‘best-of-breed’ protection to date.

The MX-V, or MX-Virtualization, technology integrated in the Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange provides compact, high-speed virtual Windows environments for rapid execution and effective analysis of malware. MX-V technology reduces simple reliance based on basic signatures through a much more thorough malware behavioral characteristics analysis to protect computers against so-called zero-day attacks.

The advanced disclaimer plug-in of the Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange software delivers functionality that includes user-based and global disclaimers for outbound e-mail using Exchange 2007 and 2003. Administrators can configure policy disclaimers based on very specific public folders, domains, groups, or users.

User-based disclaimers make it possible for users to adjust disclaimer statements in accordance with specific department or user requirements. Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange equally prevents multiple disclaimers during forwarding or replying and provides administrators with the ability to permit bypassing of disclaimers by users on an e-mail by e-mail basis.

Template samples for easy set up of plain text or HTML disclaimers, such as copyright disclaimers, virus warning disclaimers, legal disclaimers, etc, are included in the software package.

The SMART filtering for attachments will scan attachments not only by using their extensions, but by actually determining their real identity. This means, for instance, that an ‘exe’ file will be recognized as such, even if it has been renamed as a ‘txt’ file.

To sum up, the Vipre E-mail Security for Exchange provides total e-mail security for any business network. Save on VIPRE Antivirus use a VIPRE Antivirus Coupon.

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