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Many people don’t even consider the risks of viruses and malicious software being installed on their android deceives. Most people are happy to download any app without even considering the possible risks.

Currently there are over 10,000 known Android viruses. Many of these viruses have the potential to access your personal information, without you even noticing.

So how can you protect yourself against these potentially dangerous viruses? Well you could stop using you phone, but where’s the fun in that?

A much better option is to install VIPRE mobile security. It’s the only way you can be safe in the knowledge that all your personal data is unreachable to potential hackers.

VIPRE mobile security offers two separate options to choose from, there’s a free version, giving you all the basic features and there’s the possibility to upgrade to a premium version, offering even more features.

Virus Protection

VIPRE mobile security offers the most advanced antivirus security available – Giving you real time, advanced automatic protection against the latest threats. Any malicious apps or software, that could potentially cause your device harm, is instantly detected and blocked. Giving you the peace of mind to shop, surf, text and call with complete confidence.

Online Backup

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to lose you phone, you know how much hassle it is losing all your data. Now with VIPRE mobile security you’ll never have to worry about this again. With online backup you’re able to quickly retrieve all you important data such as contact lists, pictures, bookmarks and other personal data.

Data Theft Protection

Have you had your phone stolen or simply misplaced it? Worried it’s gone forever? Luckily the smart people over at VIPRE mobile security have got you covered. There’s a whole array of features to help you find and protect you phone. Can’t remember where you left your phone? Simply login to VIPRE mobile security online and you can activate an alarm on your phone…even if your phone’s set to silent.

If your phone has been stolen it can be a double blow. Not only have you had your actual phone stolen, but now thieves have potential access to your personal data. With features such as Lock, which locks your phone from potential thieves and Wipe, which can clear all your personal information, there’s no need to worry. You’ll also be able to pinpoint exactly where your phone is using VIPRE mobile security’s locate feature.
Activity Recording

As if all the other features weren’t enough, you’re also able to view all previous activity for your device. You’re able to track exactly where your device has been over a set period of time, this is an extremely useful feature for any parents who have children using an Android device. You can also view your browsing, call and message history.

As Android devices become more and more popular, it’s guaranteed that hackers will try and find new ways to get hold of your personal data. VIPRE mobile security allows you to always be one step ahead of the hackers and all potential viruses.

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