VIPRE Mobile Security 2013 Review

Vipre Mobile Security has been released.

Viruses have long been a staple problem for computer users, and the idea of using a computer without adequate security software is alien to most of us. As the next generation of devices face similar security threats and compromises, software developers are constantly working in order to offer simple security solutions for all manner of smartphones and tablets.

With malware becoming an increasing concern for Android users, it’s reassuring to know that there are a growing number of antivirus tools dedicated to keeping devices safe. Of course, with so many software suites on offer, it can prove difficult in deciding which one to choose.

The latest version of Vipre finds itself sitting side-by-side with the likes of Trend Micro – in that it is reliable enough, and consistent enough when it comes to detecting malware threats – although just a few niggling results leaves it languishing in the mid-table obscurity of the antivirus league, especially when compared to the bigger names and brands in the industry.

Vipre’s detection capabilities are good, if not great. A cursory scan revealed Vipre to be capable of detecting upwards of 90% of malware. It lets itself down when it comes to the KungFu Trojan however, which is a virus with backdoor functionality capable of exploiting unpatched Android devices. Vipre only managed to detect approximately half of these threats.

The software itself is relatively easy to install and get up and running. In order to get set up, users must first create an online account, after which the Android device or smartphone is scanned for any malicious or rogue files. Thankfully, you don’t have to dedicate any time while Vipre performs this scan, and it’s possible to scan installed apps in isolation if you wish. The Activation protection feature scans apps whilst they download, and scheduled device scanning is set to active by default.

The administrator privileges settings are reasonably sophisticated, allowing users to remotely lock and wipe the data from a phone or device in the event of it going missing, straight from the Vipre console. Vipre also periodically tracks the whereabouts of your smartphone via GPS, details of which can be found in the Activity Monitor section of the software. Text, call and browsing history can all be monitored from here, too.

Perhaps the main downfall of Vipre Mobile Security is its lack of arguably essential features. Vipre contains no form of data backup or contacts backup. With no parental control options, and no website checker, it’s not hard to see why security conscious Android users might find their antivirus solutions elsewhere – Although for the price (there are currently promotions on offer for a host of Vipre products) Vipre Mobile Security remains a competitive and reliable enough means of keeping Android smartphones safe from viruses and other malicious threats, and it’s reassuring to know that in the event of devices being lost or stolen, sensitive information can be wiped quickly, easily and remotely, by using the simple, intuitive user interface Vipre offers, for the latest discounts on VIPRE Mobile and VIPRE Antivirus, see our VIPRE Coupons.

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