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VIPRE 2013 – Anti-Virus Software with Real Bite!

With so many different anti-virus solutions on the market, it can often be difficult to figure out what software will actually get the job done. It’s difficult to achieve a balance of efficiency, effectiveness and price, and many users are forced to compromise in one or more of these areas as a result.

However, there is an alternative to this dangerous compromise. VIPRE Anti-Virus 2013 (for all computers running Windows XP SP2 and up) is a secure, powerful and cost-effective way to keep your PC free of viruses. It’s a mere £30 to cover a single PC for a one year, but the value improves even more with the ‘home-site’ license option for up to 10 PCs, which comes in at just £40. This compares very favourably to similarly priced competitors such as McAfee – their equivalent anti-virus costs £45 for a single computer. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a 30 day free trial, too.

The price may well be excellent compared to competitors, but it is features and effectiveness that determine the quality of a piece of anti-virus software. VIPRE 2013 succeeds here too, thanks to its ability to perform extremely thorough scans of a user’s computer without drawing heavily on system resources. Independent surveys from websites like www.av-test.org back this up, showing VIPRE to exceed the virus-stopping capabilities of its competitors. For example, in the most recent av-test.org report, VIPRE came out top for detection of actively running widespread malware, scoring a 100% detection rate compared to the 98% scored by Norton and McAfee. It also scored highly when detecting newly released malware, detecting 99% of infected files compared to the industry average of 97%. VIPRE matches the extra features of its more expensive competitors too – it offers real time protection against infected files sent by e-mail or downloaded from the web, and updates its anti-virus definitions on a daily basis.

Usability and support are also worth factoring in to the equation. The former is an area where VIPRE excels, due to the slick and intuitive user-interface and unique Easy Install feature. Easy Install makes setup a breeze for casual users by removing potential conflicts with other anti-virus software installed on a user’s system. On the support front, the makers of VIPRE, GFI Securities, are well regarded for having one of the most responsive and helpful technical support teams out there. So in the event of any difficulties with the software, you can be sure that their telephone support team will be there to help you through it. After-sale support of this calibre is rare amongst anti-virus programs in this price bracket, so it’s yet another feature that puts VIPRE ahead of its competitors.

This combination of factors makes it easy to understand why VIPRE have often come out on top in consumer surveys in previous years – including about.com’s prestigious Reader’s Choice awards. With all of these advantages in mind, it makes a lot sense for PC users to consider choosing VIPRE 2013 for their anti-virus software, particularly those who need protection for more than one PC.

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