Why is Malwarebytes so effective at removing infections

Malwarebytes is simply an amazing product, it’s free and has one of the best detection rates and removal tools available to clean your computer of malware, viruses and infections all in one scan and it always removes them in one run and reboot making it extremely effective – Malwarebytes is the magic bullet against infections. Most computer repair shops use Malwarebytes to remove infections from computers simply because unlike other antivirus products that don’t even detect the virus malwarebytes will easily detect almost all infections and remove them easily without any pain or effort.

Malwarebytes is so effective because of its unique detection engine and its amazing ability to remove even the toughest of infections with a few clicks.

Should I use Malwarebytes in Conjunction with an Antivirus?

I’d say yes, but first you may want to upgrade to the full version of Malwarebytes – there are many benefits to doing this as the free version of malwarebytes only scans when you decide to run it meaning it’s not providing “realtime” protection against threats, but by upgrading to the PRO/FULL version of Malwarebytes you get all the added benefits of realtime protection against malware and viruses and you also get a web protection module that will prevent dangerous websites from installing viruses and threats on your system by simply preventing you from accessing them in the first place this is an extremely effective way of building a ring of fire around your computer and once you combine Malwarebytes with another antivirus such as Avira or Kaspersky then you’re ready to rock and roll as you will have completely all round protection from almost every threat out there.

What Antivirus should I use?

This is personal preference and only you can make the decision, we highly recommend on this site Avira, Kaspersky and VIPRE Antivirus to protect you against threats and you can get nice discounts on all of these through our pages, this is ideal as you save money and get all the protection your computer could need.

The 3 scan modes of Malwarebytes

If you’re not using the pro or full version of Malwarebytes you have 3 options available to you these are Quick and Full – the third option is “Flash” scan that is only available to the full version of Malwarebytes.

Quick Scan – This will scan all of the mostly common area’s of infection for your computer such as the system startup folders, windows folder and application data folders in short these are the most common places for infections to install themselves.

Full Scan – This will scan all of the selected hard drives on your computer for infections, this is a completely top down approach to scanning and will scan every directory, file and system folder on your computer, this is highly recommended if you have a sticky situation and a virus is still persistent even though you’ve run quick scan.

Flash Scan – This is an easy to use intelligent scanning method it will scan everything that is running in your process list and memory to check for infections, this is extremely effective because if a virus is running it loads in your memory (RAM) and so Malwarebytes takes advantage of this and scans that saving hours of scanning hard drives – this feature is only available to the full version of Malwarebytes.

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