Why your business should use VIPRE Antivirus

New viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms; bots, spam, phishing and a host of never ending malware are continually being thrown at computers everywhere. Without adequate protection, these malicious malware creations will rapidly attach themselves to a computer and can cause incredible damage.

While the loss of data is upsetting enough for personal users, businesses are at risk of losing highly important, often confidential or otherwise sensitive data, which has the potential of incurring huge financial losses as a result.

This is without mentioning the time and effort, again with the potential of incurring huge expenses, to put a system right again and attempting to retrieve data. The necessity of effective anti-virus and anti-malware protection is therefor clear beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The question as to why your business should use Vipre Antivirus is quite easily answered by taking a closer look at the advantages of the software. All the necessary protection against every type of malware, including spam, spyware and phishing, disclaimers, etc, as well as specific and extensive e-mail protection are provided in one comprehensive program.

The fact that the software provides total protection against malicious attacks, while at the same time using minimal amounts of system memory and/ or processor power, is another reason why your business should use Vipre Antivirus.

Most other products will use huge amounts of resources and consequently slow systems down drastically, especially during scans. In addition, the malware definitions on these products are typically only updated on a once-a-day basis at most.

Vipre Antivirus definitions will be updated as often as the user wishes, even at hourly intervals. The update-downloads are fast and will not take up many resources. Protection is run on real time and will include even the so-called zero-day threats that can compromise the effectiveness of other products.

The application can be set to scan for, detect and remove threats as files are being accessed, further reducing the risk of potential attacks by viruses, etc. E-mails coming in and going out will also be scanned automatically, with SMART filters scanning attachments thoroughly in order to determine their true identity, as opposed to simply relying on extensions, which is usually the case with other products.

The package also utilizes MX-V malware behavior analysis, meaning that even previously unknown malware can be effectively detected and removed before it has an opportunity to attach itself to the system and cause problems.

Having all the protection necessary provided by a single program greatly enhances reliability and therefore guarantees better security at all times. A further reason why your business should use Vipre Antivirus is the fact that the network wide functions and settings of the application can be controlled centrally from a single control point.

Administrators are therefore able to implement and strictly enforce policy-based security settings and procedures without additional software etc having to be installed on individual workstations.

The control interface is incredibly user-friendly and allows all settings, protocols and procedures to be determined and managed with ease. There are a million and one other good reasons why your business should use Vipre Antivirus, but space does not allow for all of them to be listed here.

Essentially, your business should use Vipre Antivirus because it is the most reliable, most efficient and cost-effective solution to the requirements of any business wishing to protect their data against all kinds of malicious attacks without their resources being used up and systems being slowed down during scans or downloads. Vipre Antivirus is the best software when it comes to protecting computers you can save on VIPRE Antivirus for Bussiness by using our VIPRE Antivirus Coupon Code.

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